Getting your dream luxury or utility vehicle can be a daunting task especially if it is your very first car import. It can be quite frustrating to newbies especially dealing with all the agencies, regulations and logistics. If you are looking to import a car from UK or South Africa to Kenya, fret no more… Kensville Motors is Kenya’s leading Automobile importer. We have your back.


3 Important steps in importing a car from UK or South Africa to Kenya

Get to know the most efficient way to get your hands on your dream car in only a few weeks. The experienced team from Kensville Motors will help you locate and ship in your dream ride with ease. Here is how they do it.

1. Search & Identification of the car

Getting the car you desire the most starts with a quick search on the most Popular car listing website – Autotrader. After you find your dream car, our team jumps in to help you negotiate the best rock bottom price. When both you and the seller agree on the price, Kensville Motors arranges to reserve the unit (car) by placing a deposit.

2. Pre-Purchase inspection of the car

Before making the initial deposit for your dream car, we send out ground teams to check the car out. We have teams in the UK & SA that are on hand to physically inspect any vehicles chosen by you. Their role is to identify any potential defects or car history to ensure each vehicle has a clean bill of health.

After inspection, a comprehensive report is sent to you (the client). Only when you are satisfied do we then proceed to guide you on the payment process (CIF).

3. Car Shipment & Clearing

After you initial deposit is made, our Kensville motors team sets on with the process of booking, shipping and inspection. As required by local Kenyan law, all vehicles destined for Kenya undergo a Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI) by KEBS.

We do everything to ensure you incur a little costs as possible in the importation process. For this reason, one week to the arrival of your car by ship (sea), our team begins to arrange for IDF and duty payment. We also commence the clearing process at the Port of Mombasa to ensure the car doesn’t incur demurrage costs.

Once the car is cleared, within the shortest time possible, we deliver it to Nairobi where any personalized touch-ups and auto-detailing are performed.


Say hello to your new car!

After the long journey at sea, and the tedious process made simple by Kensville Motors, we deliver the car along with all documentation to your doorstep. Get started with you new order today!